Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government
Welcomes You!
WELCOME to Lafayette, the Heart of Acadiana and an educational and economic center of the southwestern part of Louisiana.

Acadian Ambulance ​511
​Fire (Emergency) ​911
​Poison Control Center ​911
​Police (Emergency) 911​
​Acadian CARES (AIDS Relief, Education & Support) 233-2437
​Bus Service 291-8570
​City Court 291-8720
​City Marshall 291-8725​
Crime Stoppers 232-TIPS or 232-8477
​City/Parish Consolidated Government ​291-8300
​Diocese of Lafayette (Information) ​261-5500
​232-HELP assistance referral center ​232-4357
​Crossroad Regional Hospital 1-800-737-3808​
​Lafayette General Medical Center ​289-7991
​Medical Center of Southwest Louisiana ​981-2949
​Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital ​289-2000
​Surgery Center, Inc ​233-8603
​University Medical Center (UMC) ​261-6000
​Vermilion Hospital ​210-1550
​Women's & Children's Hospital ​521-9100
​ ​
​ ​
​Salvation Army ​235-2407
​Sexual Abuse Response Center ​269-1557
​Sheriff ​236-5610

​Atmos Energy ​1-888-852-2424
​Entergy ​1-800-368-3749
​Lafayette Utility Service (LUS) ​291-8280
​Sewer Problems ​291-5755
​Water, Utilities (Problems) ​291-5740



​UL Lafayette www.ull.edu
​Lafayette Government www.lafayettela.gov
​Lafayette International Center www.lecentre.org
​Lafayette Tourism www.lafayettetravel.com
​Lafayette Nightlife www.downtownlafayette.org
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​ ​
​*If on campus dial 9 to exit
​UL Lafayette 482-1000​
​UL Lafayette International Affairs ​482-6819
​Lafayette Government (City Hall) ​291-8200
​Connecting Electricity ​291-8280
​Connecting Video/Internet/Phone ​993-4237
​Police Station ​291-8600
​Paying traffic tickets ​291-8627
​Hospitals: Go to the UL Clinic FIRST ​only in emergency call.... 911
​Bus System ​291-8570
​Taxi ​237-3333

Acadian Village ​981-2364
Acadian CARES (AIDS Relief, Education & Support) ​233-2437
​Acadiana Center for the Arts ​233-7060
Airport ​244-6600
​Alcoholics Anonymous ​991-0830
​Art Gallery, Lafayette ​269-0363
​Art Museum, University ​482-2278
​Automobile Registration 1-877-368-5463


​Bar Cards ​291-8697
​Blood Services, United 235-5433​
​Bus Service 291-8570​


​City Court 291-8720​
​City Hall ​291-8200
​City Marshall ​291-8725
​Convention and Visitors Bureau ​232-3737
​Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) ​262-5810
​Crime Stoppers ​232-TIPS or 232-8477
​City/Parish Consolidated Government ​291-8200


​ ​D
​Diocese of Lafayette (Information) ​261-5500
​Downtown Development Authority 291-5566​
​Drivers License Information ​886-3713


​ ​E
​Emergency Preparedness Office ​291-5075


​Festival International de Louisiane 232-8086​
​Fire Prevention ​291-8704


G​ ​
​Garbage Pickup 232-5730​

H​ ​
​Health Information Center 988-1816​
​HELP referral service ​232-4357
​Heymann Performing Arts and Convention Center
​- Business Office 291-5540​
​- Ticket Office ​291-5555


​International trade development ​291-5474


L​ ​
​Library (Lafayette Parish) 261-5775​


M​ ​
​Museum, Lafayette (Alexandre Mouton House) 234-2208​

​Natural History Museum and Planetarium ​291-5544
​Nature Station 291-8448​



P​ ​
​Post Office Information ​1-800-275-8777
​Productivity Center (ULL) 482-6767​


​ ​Recreation Centers
​Comeaux ​291-8875
​Domingue ​291-5558
​Dupuis ​291-8377
​George Bowles ​291-8381
​Girard Park ​291-8379
​Heymann ​291-5562
​J. Carlton James 291-8386​
​Martin Luther King ​291-5561
​Robicheaux ​291-8885
​Thomas Park ​291-5553


R​ ​
​Red Cross ​234-7371


S​ ​
​Salvation Army 235-2407​
​Sewer Problems ​291-5755
​Sexual Abuse Response Center ​269-1557
​Sheriff ​236-5610
​Street Conditions (report problems) ​291-8517
​Street Lights (report problems) ​291-5700
​Symphony, Acadiana ​232-4277


T​ ​
​Time and Temperature ​235-5111
​Times of Acadiana ​289-6382
​Tourist Center ​232-3737
​Traffic Lights (report problems) ​291-8568
​Traffic Signs ​291-8565
​Transit System ​291-8570


U​ ​
​United Blood Services ​235-5433
​University Art Museum 482-2278​
​University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) ​482-1000


​ ​Utilities
​Atmos Energy ​1-888-852-2424
​Entergy ​1-800-368-3749
​Lafayette Utility Service (LUS) ​291-8280
​- Billing ​291-8271
​- Connection ​291-8280
​- Report problems ​291-5740

V​ ​
​Vermilionville 233-4077​

W​ ​
​Waste Services 291-8518​
​Allied Waste ​1-800-256-1886
​Waste Management ​1-800-423-0645
​Water, Utilities(Report problems) ​291-5740

​Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government
  • Local government body for Lafayette City and Lafayette Parish​
  • Chief executive: A City-Parish President, rather than a mayor
  • Representative body: Lafayette City-Parish Council
  • Services:
  • Traffic, public transit, planning, development review
  • Utilities (electricity, water, waste water, fiber optic network)
  • Police department
  • Fire department
  • City-Parish President and
  • 9 council members
  • www.LafayetteLA.gov
​Lafayette Transit System (city buses)
  • ​12 day-time routes
  • 4 night service routes
  • Equipped with bicycle rack and security cameras
  • $1.00
  • www.rideLTS.com
​Downtown Development Authority
​Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission (LCVC)
  • ​VISITOR CENTER at Evangeline Thruway and Willow Street
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Brochures
  • Maps
  • Information on Festivals and Events
  • Museums and Attractions
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • www.Lafayette.travel
​Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA)
  • ​LEDA works with businesses as they make decisions to start, expand or relocate in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding communities.
  • Through innovative collaborations with business, government and education, LEDA strives to diversify the community’s business base for future growth and development.
  • Business Facilities - Job Growth Leaders
  • Lafayette was recognized as the 5th best city for job growth in the U.S.
  • SB&D - Top 10 in the South
  • Lafayette was recognized in the annual Top 10 issue as being a sizzling mid-market economy.
  • Milken - Best Performing Cities Index
  • For the sixth time in seven years, Lafayette is ranked in the top 25 metros in the Best Performing Cities Index. Lafayette gained five spots, coming in at 19 out of the 200 largest metros.
  • www.Lafayette.org
  • ​OneAcadiana, formerly the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, is transforming into a national-caliber regional economic development organization serving a nine-parish (county) area in south Louisiana.
  • OneAcadiana is focused on a long-term vision of making the region one of the most high quality, sought after places in the South for business and talent.
  • www.OneAcadiana.org
  • Twitter: @OneAcadiana
  • Facebook.com/OneAcadiana
​Lafayette Regional Airport
  • ​Airlines offer daily nonstop flights to hubs in:
  • Atlanta via Delta Airlines
  • Dallas/Fort Worth via American Eagle Airlines
  • Houston and Denver via United Airlines
  • Links Southwest Louisiana to the world.
  • Offers an easy, cost-effective and convenient alternative to large city terminals
  • Provides a safe and secure environment for travelers.
  • 501,101 airline passengers in 2014, the best year on record
  • 25,818,110 pounds of cargo, also one of the best years on record
  • Five minutes from UL campus
  • www.lftairport.com
​Lafayette International Center
  • ​A service of Lafayette Consolidated Goverment
  • Trade opportunities
  • Export counseling
  • Trade missions
  • Trade shows
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Internships
  • Sister Cities
  • International networking opportunities
  • www.leCentre.org
​University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • ​UL Lafayette cited in latest editions
  • Princeton Review's "Best 378 Colleges" and
  • Forbe's "America's Best Colleges"
  • ​Lafayette is located in the happiest state
  • Lafayette ranked as one of America's "Top 100 Places to Live"
  • Welcoming and diverse population
  • Great education and much fun

Town of Vermilionville
  • ​1700's - French and Acadians (originally from Nova Scotia). settled in this region already populated by several Native American tribes
  • 1821 - Jean Mouton founded Vermilionville, named after the Bayou Vermilion. He donated the land for the church and courthouse
​City of Lafayette
  • ​Vermilionville renamed in 1884 after General Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette, French military hero who fought with George Washington's American revolutionaries during the War of Independence
  • Total area: 49.2 sq mi (127.0 km²)
  • City Population: 124,276 (2013 estimate)
  • Parish Population: 235,644 (2014 estimate)
  • ​Based on agriculture until 1940's
  • The petroleum and natural gas industry then became more dominant
  • Last decade developing as a technology hub: LITE, Fiber to the Home, etc.
  • Manufacturing
  • Cultural Tourism
  • ​Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) is the world's first and only data visualization facility open to both public and private sector.
  • LITE enhances training programs in the oil and gas, healthcare and education industries by creating Immersive Virtual Learning Environments (IVLE) that recreate the sight, sounds and dangers of real-life situations.
​LUS Fiber (Lafayette Utilities System)
  • ​Named one of the fastest home Internet provides in the world
  • Recognized by the White House as a Pioneer City in the US Ignite program
  • Recognized by FCC Thomas Wheeler as an example of broadband success
  • Only provider in Lafayette with a peering arrangement with UL Lafayette
  • Only provider of public WiFi access during major events throughout the city
  • Offers 1 gigabit Internet for as low as $69.95 per month
​Cultural Tourism
  • ​Home of the Cajun and Creole cultures, Cajun and Zydeco music
  • Historical villages (Acadian Village and Vermilionville, etc.)
  • "The happiest city in the U.S."
  • "America's Best Small Town For Food"
  • Mardi Gras
  • More than 20 festivals every year
  • ​Cajun cuisine is one of the most famous regional cuisines in the world
  • Lafayette named America's 'Best Small Town For Food' in 2011
  • Jambalaya, crawfish étouffée, cracklins, boudin, gumbo…
  • Our seasonings are renowned: Tabasco and many others