Lafayette International Center


OCT. 24-26 | Want to see where the overall Energy Industry (Petroleum & Alternatives) is heading?  
What are the Energy Technologies and Methods of today? Of tomorrow?  
In partnership with VERTECH 2017 Consortium Conference, join us at the conference to learn more about renewable enery, green chemistry, and other alternative energy components, in collaboration with LAGCOE 2017. READ MORE.
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The Lafayette International Center was created as a division of the City of Lafayette in October of 1989, and officially opened its doors to the public in April 1990. Housed in Lafayette's former city hall, The Center is located in downtown Lafayette, at the corner of Jefferson Street and Lee Avenue.
Creado en octubre de 1989, El Centro Internacional de Lafayette (CIL) forma parte de los servicios de desarrollo económico de la Municpalidad y del distrito de Lafayette. Ubicado en el viejo ayuntamiento, El Centro Internacional queda en la esquina de las calles Jefferson y Lee en el centro de la ciudad.
Créé en octobre 1989, Le Centre International de Lafayette fait partie des services de développement économique de la Municipalité et du District de Lafayette. Installé dans les locaux de l'ancien hôtel de ville, Le Centre International est situé à l'angle des rues Jefferson et Lee, dans le centre-ville de Lafayette.